DDIVAS offers wide range of services like Make-up, Face & Body Treatment, Bridal Spa and Beauty Packages, Manicure & pedicure, Hanna, Gele, Hair Treatment, D'divas Hair Essential and products like Body Massage Beads, Special Aphrodisiacs etc. Our well know and popular DDIVAS Brands has services & products for hair beauty and body care treatments. With our office/shop located centrally in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria

Welcome To Ddivas

DDivas is one of fastest growing beauty care center in the city of Kaduna, And now we are going digital so that we can reach the wider world,. Our products are mostly make from natural and herbal ingredients. and they have no side effect after.

Many of our ingredient as sourced oversea most in Asia, particularly in India. We guaranty you of their qualities, Which are based our years of painstaking research and testing to come up with unique set of products that deliver fast and effective result

We now have a new website and we are social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter and whatsapp. All with the aim of reaching more people across the globe. 

Our social media is their for our fans, clients and followers so that anyone can have quick and prompt access to us for our services or our advice. 

In order to show our appreciate for our numerous fans , customers and clients, We have recently a monthly free give away gift items to our social media fans and regular clients. So don’t forget to check our social media channels especially Instagram for detail instruction and info.

Our lines are open 24/7 for you to call in for enquiries or to seek advise from our professional beauty therapists with our services and herbal products, in addition to our regular updates on trend and styles, 

You can send us your message through our contact page


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