DDIVAS offers wide range of services like Make-up, Face & Body Treatment, Bridal Spa and Beauty Packages, Manicure & pedicure, Hanna, Gele, Hair Treatment, D'divas Hair Essential and products like Body Massage Beads, Special Aphrodisiacs etc. Our well know and popular DDIVAS Brands has services & products for hair beauty and body care treatments. With our office/shop located centrally in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria

Ddivas hair and beauty salon

Hair, Face, Body, beauty care treatment and services

DDIVAS  PARTNERSHIP AND CONSUTTANCY SERVICES: Divas has unique quality products and services. our products are natural healthy herbal products that have no side effects and are very good good for your hair and body/skin. For example, our hair products – you will see a positive result within 2 weeks with your hair growing 3 times longer without breakage.  

We understand that we can not be everywhere to cater for all our numberous customers (hands-on )services when required, so,  we well like to partner with you to to spread the good news of our services and products all corners of the country and affrica at large

If you have a Salon or about to open one and want to partner with us or want hat us to provide consultancy services to grow you business, we have the expertise,l products and services to train you and your staff for maximum results.

And we also provide private specialized services and consultancy, we have the equipment, tools and personnel at your door steps to cater for all your needs. 

DDIVAS HAIR ESSENTIALS:  Ddivas has various hair treatment and hair care products, we have specialized program for hair growth due to hair loss with products such as cream lotion and soap et that goes with it we treat and care for hair entanglement, dandruff treatment and other hair related problems. 

Apart from providing beauty and hair products and services. Divas has a Beauty Salon to care for all your needs we have professional hair stylist and beauty therapist to cater for your special needed, we will pamper you and bring out your natural look to the fullest in  way you will be proud of. 


At DDIVAS BEAUTY CARE We take into consideration that Healthy hair and skin can radically improve the appearance and boost self esteem. It also means that you don’t have to waste money on endless products and treatments in an effort to heal your damaged locks and skin. It really only takes a few simple steps to clear up pimples, defeat dry roots and all the rest. We have professional beautician that will provides you with treatment and beauty care services that is ideal for body and skin types 

Our services took into providing you with these steps that will help you to ensure you have healthy body/skin. which include the following:


– Regular cleansing 
– Use of toner after cleansing if you have oily skin.
– Use of moisturizer if you have dry skin.
  • – Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and brighten up your complexion. etc
– Face & Body Treatment
– Bridal Spay Beauty Packages
– Pedicure & Manicure
– Hair Treatment
– DDIVAS Hair Essentials
Hair, face, body & beauty care treatment
Ddivas Solon is here to serve you with the best hair, face, body & beauty care and treatment . Please endeavor to give us a call 08d179828134 or write to us on our contact section, and we will promptly reach back to. your. We have DDIVAS HAIR ESSENTALS and DDIVEAS BEAUTY CARE to take care of all your needs
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