DDIVAS offers wide range of services like Make-up, Face & Body Treatment, Bridal Spa and Beauty Packages, Manicure & pedicure, Hanna, Gele, Hair Treatment, D'divas Hair Essential and products like Body Massage Beads, Special Aphrodisiacs etc. Our well know and popular DDIVAS Brands has services & products for hair beauty and body care treatments. With our office/shop located centrally in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria

Hair, face, body & beauty care treatment

Hair, face, body & beauty care treatment
Ddivas Solon is here to serve you with the best hair, face, body & beauty care and treatment . Please endeavor to give us a call 08d179828134 or write to us on our contact section, and we will promptly reach back to. your. We have DDIVAS HAIR ESSENTALS and DDIVEAS BEAUTY CARE to take care of all your needs
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