DDIVAS offers wide range of services like Make-up, Face & Body Treatment, Bridal Spa and Beauty Packages, Manicure & pedicure, Hanna, Gele, Hair Treatment, D'divas Hair Essential and products like Body Massage Beads, Special Aphrodisiacs etc. Our well know and popular DDIVAS Brands has services & products for hair beauty and body care treatments. With our office/shop located centrally in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria

ddivas Hairstyle


We welcomes you to visit and be convinced of our top notched  professional beauty packages by our team of well trained beauticians and stylists, to handle and take care of your need to look absolute your best that you can be. 

Our salon is centrally located at the heart of the city of Kaduna so that you can easily locate our Salon for a visit . please check our contact page for our contacts and map for direction. 

You can also give us a call if you want a homes services, general enquiries or just to ask some questions even for some beauty tips

Not only will you be handled and pampered by professional beautician and stylist, we have first class products both conventional beauty care and treatment products and we also have herbal products from hair treatment and shampoo that can double the length of your hair in a very short time. We also have herbal soap and creams 

Many of our products are made by us,. And their ingredients and sorted from all over the world, most especially Asia, in particular, India.

Since we can’t  be every where we have partners and franchise  in some states, like Abuja, Kano, Katsina and of course Kaduna. And that goes along way how confident we are in our services and products in serving you and the wider audience the very best of our services. 

for our beauty Styles and Designs we these main categories

Hair styling: modern or western and traditional or African styling 

Make up: beauty care and cosmetics to bring out the best in you from Hair, face,  to glowing skin and vibrant body 

Henna: Body Art and design from quality ingredient, patterns accessories 

Gele: African Head-ties and styles for any occasions, personality and the clotting material to match any styles and fashion 

DDIVAS Styles and Designs
At DDIVAS BEAUTY CARE SALON - We have various beauty packages you such as _- Beauty care- Hair essentials- Henna- Gele- hairstyle - Bridal Spa - face & body Spa- Make upPlease call 08179828134 or head over to our contact section to contacts us.
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