DDIVAS offers wide range of services like Make-up, Face & Body Treatment, Bridal Spa and Beauty Packages, Manicure & pedicure, Hanna, Gele, Hair Treatment, D'divas Hair Essential and products like Body Massage Beads, Special Aphrodisiacs etc. Our well know and popular DDIVAS Brands has services & products for hair beauty and body care treatments. With our office/shop located centrally in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria

Come along with Ddivas Beauty care and Hair Essentials. We dont just provide great services to our many customers and client we also have great and amazing products in helping you bring out the beauty in you. Our products are selected from finest ingredient sorted all over the the world especial Asia and mostly from India.

And people who are have used our DDIVAS BEUATY CARE AND HAIR ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS have been pouring and showing us praises and thereby encourage us for even higher standard and greater results 

below are some of reviews and testimonies sent to us through our social media. We have also add some videos to demonstrate and see our products and services in action

Ddivas reviews and testimonies from customer and clients

One can not go wrong with your products my hair is growing long and Fuller
My hair is growing well and its increasing in length. My hairstylist says it has more weight and volume now and she was even amazinged at the rate its grwoing. Thanks to your products
I have never use any product that works for me like yours
Dont Doubt join us. I have been using it since 2018 and Alhamdullilah
My edges are finally popping, am very happy. The texture of my hair is growing very well
It has really revive my hair to it s natural look.... I use your product with confidence and it work like magic
By the way the consistency of your products, just for 19 days... My hair has grown longe, the consistency was was amazing, and its darker.
... Your products is really amazing today is my wash day and normally i used to have a lot of hair falling out..... Just two weeks of using your amazing products i hardly shred any hair
... Ever since i started using ddivas hair products I have been seeing wonders on my hair, the strength, length, the color, and also the texture of the hair is really so amazing thank you ddivas for this amzing changes you have brought to my hair